Creative Services for Your Small or Personal Publishing Project
Each of us has a story to tell. Why not make it a treasured keepsake for friends and family? Or do
you want to self-publish your own book? The increased quality and affordable cost of digital
printing and color copying make it easier to share your remembrances and narratives.
I can help you present your project like a pro. (view)
Celebrities aren't the only people to lead remarkable lives.

It was my great pleasure to write the Ned Anderson biography because I was able to present to the public the extraordinary life and contributions of a humble, unassuming man. Ned touched the lives of so many in his time but lived on only in the hearts and minds of those who knew him. Putting it down on paper has brought his story to a whole new audience for appreciation, now and in the future.

If you have a story to tell, why not record it for posterity? Why let such precious tales, recollections and memories fade and be forgotten? Even if your story is only for friends and family, why not preserve it as a keepsake they'll want to treasure for generations to come?

I can help you give it a professional look. I can assist with writing and editing. and/or take your words and images and design a layout to best suit your needs for a classy, polished, finished product.

Or, if you have a children's book or specialty book idea (die-cut, lift-the-flap, activity) and need help in designing or creating a "mock-up" for presentation to an agent or publisher, I can help, too!

Other Possibilities:







  Book mock-ups for presentation

For Organizations/Businesses:

  Town histories

  Commemoratives for local libraries,
     historical societies, genealogies, etc.

  Specialty events (Centennials, etc.)

  Touring booklets


NOTE: I am not a printer, however I can help facilitate printing for you. ALSO: This is not an overnight process. Depending on the size and variety of project, considerable lead time is needed for writing, designing, scanning and formatting any artwork, revisions and printing. So, PLAN AHEAD. Ownership of any stories produced remain the property of the respective author. For organizations: if I am commissioned to write, apropriate credit and copyright designation may apply. Reasonable rates. All projects will be quoted on an individual basis.